Exciting times coming next year

I have an update to share with all of you on the status of Diddy Kong Racing 2.

The Diddy Kong Racing 2 project was moved over to new hardware that will be launched in 2016. The new platform is aiming for a price of $149.99 to avoid competing directly (price wise) with PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The company fears that it would be market suicide to release another overly expensive box in the middle of a console generation, when most consumers have already invested in a PlayStation 4 or Xbox One. Wii U development kits are being used to develop NX software; the NX hardware is technically a Wii U except with higher memory bandwidth and a more balanced CPU.

For the skeptics who still don’t believe that Diddy Kong Racing 2 is coming:

Two weeks ago, Nintendo confirmed that Retro Studios isn’t working on a Metroid Prime title.

Nintendo applied for a trademark for “Diddy Kong” in Europe a few weeks ago.

Satoru Iwata teased at Diddy Kong Racing 2 when he held up a bunch of bananas at the E3 Digital Event.

Iwata bananas

Do the math.